That Canada’s rate of deforestation is zero and has been for more than two decades?

That less than 1/3 of 1 percent of BC’s forests is harvested annually?

That BC has about as much forest now as it did 150 years ago?

That each tree absorbs an average of six kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere each day and thus makes a decisive contribution to protecting the climate?

That every cubic meter of lumber has drawn a quarter of a metric ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere?

That managed forests, thanks to their high proportion of young, strong, growing trees, enable CO2 to be extracted?

That an old, unmanaged forest produces as much CO2 through the processes of decomposition and decay as it stores, and the therefore an unmanaged forest contributes nothing to reducing global C02?

That wood retains its ability to bind CO2 even after being used in homes and buildings?

That processing wood requires smaller amounts of fossil fuels than processing other materials, such as steel and concrete, and thus releases far less CO2?

That making one cubic meter of aluminum releases 22 metric tons of CO2, compared to 0.015 metric tons of sawn timber?

That processing wood produces no waste, but rather reusable by-products?

That 3” of wood has the same R value as 24” of concrete?